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Thursday, November 01, 2007

The new man in our lives

Back on Labor Day, when his dad came over to fix my lawn mower, we finally met the little boy across the street. When we first moved in, I wasn't so sure about him. He would bark at the dogs, unless he was outside by himself, in which case, he would normally go inside when he saw the dogs. I wasn't sure we weren't going to have problems.

His dad came across the street to help me when my other neighbor told him that I was having trouble with my mulching mower. Turns out, Alan used to work for the local tractor shop and is a crackerjack mechanic. When he came across the street, I let him and his son into the yard. I was introduced to Noah, and introduced him to the dogs. As his dad and I discussed the mower, Noah and Hudson took off across the yard together as if they had been playing together all their lives.
Since then, Noah's become a fixture over here. He's over all the time. He and Hudson, after a little incident in their first couple of days together (geez, 7 year old boys are FAST! I saw it coming, but there was no way to stop Noah from impaling his leg on Hudson's teeth as he timed his drop kick of the soccer ball very badly) have become the very best of friends.
I get up at 5:00 a.m. I drive an hour to get to work. I work a 7 hour day. Then I drive an hour and more to get home. And Noah's bus pulls up at approximately the very minute when I'm pulling into the driveway. There are days when I'd really like an hour or so to decompress before I had to deal with the energy of a 7 year old boy. But,Hudson adores him. And Crow clearly likes him, too. I can't very well break up a set, now, can I?

Even though I learned early on that I couldn't leave them alone together unsupervised (which makes the visits tiring and limits what I can get done,) we find ways to work together. Noah's an ace with a rake. In fact, he begs to be allowed to do this. Honest.

On the days when Noah doesn't come over, and Hudson sits forlornly at the fence staring at Noah's house across the street, I have to confess that I, too, miss our little buddy. We're going to miss him a lot when he's gone. Noah and his family are due to move as soon as they can find a place. Who'd have thought someone else's kid could take up such permanent residence in our hearts?


Anonymous catslave said...

what a cutie!!! sounds like you will miss him as much as i'm sure he'll miss you.

2:37 PM  

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