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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I have been remiss in keeping up with my blog. It's not that there isn't stuff going on to report. There is. But so much of my energy is still turned to healing, and to putting my right foot in front of my left that I don't want to bore the gallery.

It's snowy here today, and dark. It's been dark all day. The bird feeders were empty and I felt so sorry for the chickadees on such a cold, dark, dirty sort of day that I went out to fill the feeders. Hudson convinced me that poop patrol, which is his favorite part of the day, was really in order. Amazing how easy it was with dog tracks in fresh snow. I could see where they'd gone, every step they'd taken, since they first went out this morning. Interesting to note, that although they had the run of the yard while I was out front shoveling, they chose to hang around on the side from which they could see me - or even if they couldn't, the side from which they could if I happened back into their view. Funny dogs.

Since then, it's been a day for quiet, solitude, and reflection. My friend, Kathryn, called earlier this morning. Her Kelpie, Flink, has pneumonia. He needed help. She needed to breathe. I've been sending her calm, centered thoughts all day. It's suited me on more levels than one. It's sometimes quite amazing how my work with others reflects the work I need to be doing for myself. I heard myself counseling her to focus on the outcome she desired, not on the outcome she feared, and to breathe into the center of her being, body and soul.

On the white wall of the unknown future, I refuse to project my fears. With great, hopeful strokes, I paint the projection of my hopes. Today, it snows. Snow melts.


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