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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Handsome Fellow

Yesterday evening, after clearing our air space of crows, and chasing The Crow around for a bit (she regularly laps him at ultrasonic speeds while his "chasing" largely consists of waiting for her to come around the bend one more time so he can follow her for a few steps and then drop back to ambush her on her next pass,) Hudson just sat for a very long time, surveying his kingdom. I'll leave him out there, and then think to check on him, and this is generally what I find him doing - either sitting or lying in his yard, just watching the world go by. A friend from work came out to visit recently. She's one dog old, and has a sweet little girl Lab. She found Hudson very intimidating.

In fact, he's what most of my male German Shepherds have been over the years; a sweet, kind goofball, who is half the threat his sister Crow is, and probably less than 100th the danger to anyone's life and limb that my parrots represent. He's my big-boy-dog. He follows Zeke and Doc in this role. They've each in turn been my gentle, kind protector. He's my most handsome fellow.


Blogger Knatolee said...

My, he certainly IS a big handsome man! you are lucky to have each other.

9:38 PM  

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