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Monday, February 19, 2007

An unexpected loss

This evening at 5:00, I had Angel put to sleep. She was down to 7 pounds, was no longer eating, and her kidneys were in full shut down.

Up until about a week ago, she was still exploring the yard when she was out, and still barking at me for her dinner. All of that changed rapidly, and at nearly 16 years of age, there was really nothing more that could be done to keep her going.

Angel and her older housemate, Sparkle, came to me in 1995, after their owner, a friend of mine, died a sudden death. Pat lived alone, and the dogs were alone with her body for several days before anyone missed Pat. Arrangements for the care of the dogs fell through, and ultimately, they joined me, my two German Shepherds at the time, Doc and Annie, and my beloved Greyhound, Beckett. They fit right into that household, and taught me much about the pleasures of little dogs who love nothing more than spending time in your lap. Until Crow came on the scene and came of age Angel ruled all the big dogs with an iron paw - I kept warning her about Crow, and ultimately, Crow took the crown, but it was a good, long reign while it lasted. After that, Angel was always grateful for a ride in my arms if Crow was around.

Angel - my little lapdog, rest now. You are already missed.