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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Finished Log Cabin baby blankie

Without question, this was the coolest blanket I ever made, and possibly the most fun I ever had knitting. It just kept changing and changing. As each color strip was added, the character of the whole piece would morph entirely, as you can see from the pictures. I loved making this, and I loved the finished product.. I gave it to my Jen (my hairdresser) the night before her last day of work. She loved it, and left it displayed at her work station while she worked on my hair. I could have taken 6 commissions that night to make more of these.
Jen had a boy, by the way, and named him Jasper. I am sooo glad I didn't go with pastels or a lacey stitch!

Welcome to the world, Jasper. I hope this blanket made your first winter warmer.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Great Grandmother

On the very same trip up to Suzanne's during which I re-met and bonded with Monk (see last post,) I had the opportunity to reconnect in a meaningful way with one of my favorite friends. Otter, Crow and Hudson's mother, is a uniquely funny dog.

At 13, she's still going strong. Otter and I have always had a "thing." She isn't a snuggly, cuddly dog (neither was her mother, and neither is Crow.) But through the years, we've shared a snuggle or two, and we've always found a way to let each other know how we feel about each other. This visit was no different. We have our subtle ways of acknowledging one another's presence. We had our snuggle on the couch, too, which was a very, very special gift to me.

Unfortunately, no photographs were snapped to capture the moment. I wrote and asked Suzanne for a picture of Otter. Otter disdains having her picture taken, and there are very few shots of her that are any good as a result. But here, less than a week later, a photographer caught Otter trotting along, with one of her great grandchildren tagging along for the fun of it.
Photograph by Cindy Knowlton

I remember you, Otter, when you were no bigger than that happy youngster who is following you. You look good, old friend. I love the happy grin on your face, and the obvious spring in your step.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Just because it's time to blog again...

It's been awhile, I guess. And while there's a lot going on for me, not much of it is anything that wouldn't just bore you silly. So, instead, I offer photographic proof that I am still alive and kicking, that I can still muster a smile, and that there's still a bit of love in my life.

Herewith, Monk, a wonderful hunk of a guy, with whom I fell in love while visiting friends over the weekend: