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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The power of friendship

Shrimp had the veterinary staff at the hospital convinced that it was "time" more than once, and more than once she rebounded. The other day, Suzanne rushed down to be with her after receiving a call from the doctors that it was probably time to consider euthanasia. Shrimp had other ideas. She was clearly still in the game, and when Suzanne saw her, the strength of Shrimp's spirit and presence removed all question. She would be allowed to battle on.

Donkey experts assert that donkeys generally don't fare too well in the hospital. They are so bonded to and lost without their companions, they get depressed and pine away. So, in an effort to assist Shrimp in her fight to recover, one of the horses she lives with was trailered down to join her in her stall. When he was brought in and saw Shrimp, Eagle nickered his greeting. At first Shrimp didn't seem to realize who it was, but I'm told that the look on her face when she recognized him was wonderful to see.

So, as we continue to surround Shrimp with prayers and energy and hope, Eagle is simply providing her with his presence, and his solid steadiness, and his love. May this be the magic elixir that was missing from her treatment.

It is hoped that Eagle's presence will encourage Shrimp to drink and eat more on her own. Once she's been eating and drinking on her own for a day or so, she'll be allowed to go home. That's what we all want for you, Shrimp, that you can go home and be with Joey and Eagle and Spot and Freaky again, and stand each evening and watch the sun go down.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shrimp's rollercoaster

Please clap if you believe in fairies.... ummm ... donkeys ... or in the power of positive thinking. Shrimp the donkey's been quite ill. Finally, a diagnosis of Cushings may have come too late to save her life.

She needs to eat, and build herself back up. Shrimp has an amazing spirit, and an incredible will to live. The doctors have written her off a few times now, but Shrimp's not done fighting.

So, please add your prayers for Shrimp's recovery. Send positive thoughts. Energy. White light. Whatever you believe in.

This little donkey has humbled a lot of people with her courage, her stoicism, her strength and determination.

Shrimp loves a beautiful sunset. Let's all hope that Shrimp can go home to her farm, where she will be able to admire many more sunsets before her final sleep.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The hills are alive ...

I spent Thanksgiving in Vermont with old friends. Their beautiful daughters are my goddaughters, Kaitlynn and Hannah. I need to blog and blog and blog and blog to catch up with things, but I thought I'd post just this quick post. I arrived up there early on Wednesday afternoon, and left for home early this morning. We managed to shove a lot of visiting into 2.5 days. On Thanksgiving morning, we drove around the area, and I got a quick tour of all the places they'd lived since they moved up there. We ended with a brief visit to the Trapp family lodge, and a quick hike up to the chapel in the woods.

I have two lovely goddaughters who were just babies when they left NJ. Now they're both taller than I am, and getting to know them as the lovely young ladies they are is a pure delight. Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When dogs explode ...

... this happened so fast. I took a dog and a handful of grooming tools out back, and five minutes, one dog, and only the pin brush later....

... so sad...