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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still recovering

The flu yet lingers. We had a surprise three day weekend, due to a snow storm closing the university on Friday. I took full advantage of it and rested. But I still feel under the weather. I did manage to make it up to visit my mom today, and visited with my brother, Mark, for a bit, too. We often run into one another there. He told me I looked "rode hard and put away wet." Splendid. I warned him I'm quite fragile, and that was still the best he could do. And sadly, it's not a bad description of the way I feel.

Sue called me yesterday morning to tell me that she, too, has come down with the flu, which we have officially dubbed "Travisitis," since he was patient A in this particular outbreak. I packed myself into the car to go down and see if there was anything I could do to help her. I couldn't imagine having to take care of an entire kennel by myself when I was so sick. I had planned to pick up some hot chicken soup at the diner around the corner from them, but when I called on the way down, Sue said that her husband was on his way home from the Rockland show, and she suggested we'd all have lunch together. So, I managed to sit up long enough to visit. We got lunch from the local pizza place and played with the cats, the 2 papillons and the chihuahua. I realized how much I miss having "littles" around my house. Unbelievably, Angel's been gone a year on the 19th. I also got to collect the photograph of A.C.'s Sunday win at the Boardwalk cluster, and to actually feel marginally human for a little while, just getting out and visiting friends.

I've started another pair of socks, so I now officially have two projects going simultaneously, since the baby blanket is not yet done. This is not a luxury I allow myself when it comes to reading books - the first must be finished before a waiting book can be begun. I have to say, having lived with this self-imposed law for so long with regard to reading, it feels like a delicious sin to indulge in this with knitting. I took pictures of the progress on the blanket, and of the new Essential Tweed Russet socks, but I'm assuming you're all bored with my boring obsession, and I still feel too weak to be bothered with loading them from the camera. So, for now, since I'm content to stare at my pretty dog, you have to be, too. And I knit away.


Blogger jmk said...

Regarding reading, there is such a thing as a reading emergency. I had to start overlapping books recently when I forgot my book somewhere! I try to carry a book with me most of the time. :-)

2:01 PM  
Blogger Crowzma said...

Emergencies of all kinds are exempt from rules - always. :)

4:09 PM  
Blogger sibtigre2 said...

The flu has now hit my department...I am trying desperately to avoid getting it. I'm blaming one of my supervisors. He has a nasty habit of coming into work even when sick. My other supervisor is now recovering from it. I soooo don't want it.

I am glad you are feeling well enough you could go visiting. I hope Sue gets over it quickly.

And we won't discuss how many knitting projects I've got going right now...If they're on the same needle they only count as one project, right? :D And I will gladly stare at A.C. until you can load the pictures of your knitting onto the computer. After all, he is a gorgeous dog!

8:53 PM  
Blogger dephal said...

I only allow myself one book AND one knitting project at a time. Which doesn't stop me from stockpiling yarn and books for the future....

3:26 PM  

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