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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shrimp rolls...

You may remember Shrimp, my little donkey friend who was so sick back in the fall that it was touch and go for weeks on end. The decision to put her down was nearly made a number of times. Finally, her friend, Eagle, a lovely retired trail competitor, joined her in her hospital stall. Slowly, with Eagle's company and friendship, with the dedicated care of the veterinary staff at the equine center at Cornell animal hospital, the devotion of her owners and friends, who traveled hours every day to visit her and hand feed her tempting goodies, and with many prayers and much energy sent her way by those of us who love her but couldn't be with her, Shrimp began to get better. She came home in December, still desperately underweight, and with a long, long road of healing and recuperation ahead of her.

Last month I got to go up to the farm and finally got to see Shrimp as she is now, to put my hands on her and feel her strength and energy, to stroke her funny forelock and see the life shining in her eyes.

Here she is, just Shrimp, just fine. This weekend, I'm going to be at the farm again.
Time with Shrimp is no small part of why I look forward to each and every visit.

Time with Shrimp and Freaky, Joey, Jupe, Eagle, Professor Spot, Otter, Grizzly, Badger, Bee, Ruby, Bird, Rain, Stone, Monk, Cash, Jax, and ummm ... I'm running out of fingers and toes. So many old friends. And so many youngsters to get to know.

You can click on the photograph of Shrimp's head, and be almost close enough to touch her.

This is Cash, by the way. I just had to show you Cash. He's the only dog I know whose eyes are as big and as deep as a horse's. I kept thinking there was something so different about his face and his energy, and I finally put my finger on it. Cash is a kind old horse in a German Shepherd's body. Whatever he truly is, Cash is the most adorable GSD I've ever seen, and an accomplished Goofball. This weekend, I'm am going to get a good picture of Otter if it takes me 100 shots to do it. And I'm under orders to get a new picture of Stone. Wait until you see Stone now!


Blogger Knatolee said...

I am so happy SHrimp is doing well. And Cash is one lovely, handsome boy!

4:55 PM  
Anonymous catslave said...

Hooray for Shrimp. I am so happy she is better. And I agree, Cash is indeed handsome.

2:49 PM  

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