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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Raven Lunatic

Crow's sad little secret is that she lives with a human who has allowed her to be an underachiever. Now, Crow doesn't complain about this at all, mind you, but the sad fact is that to her name she has only a couple of ribbons, and those were won back in our 4H days. She has a CGC, handled to it by one of the 4H kids. And a blue ribbon for graduating, again handled by a 4H'er, at the head of her class. But have I done anything with her? Nope. I've allowed her to be a yard-guard, and a gardening assistant. I've allowed her to play on agility equipment, and I've thrown tennis balls with a Chuck-It about 3/4ths of a football field (but her daddy, when she had one, could throw it even further than that.) And I've watched her blazing speed as she's torn after it and caught it before it hit the ground. But that's about it.

Now, this wouldn't matter, except that her half-sister Raven (who looks a tad like her, don't you think?) is an inveterate overachiever.

Here is Ravens current list of titles - for at least the next two weeks
anyway (because if her owner, Tammi, has her way, they will add at least one more:)Hawks Hunt's Raven Lunatic, aka Raven CGC, HIC, RN, CL3-R, CL3-F, TN-N, O-NAC, O-NGC, NJC, TG-N, SR, SS, SSA, AD, MX, MXJ, PS3, PJ3, PG2, PK3, PD3 ~USDAA Performance Top Ten 2006~

Impressed? Here are a couple of shots of the beautiful, blazing, Raven in action.

I think she's beautiful (and not just because she looks so much like Crow, but boy, doesn't she ever?)

Raven has a younger brother, who, oddly, looks an awful lot like Hudson. Gryffin was in the litter of 12 puppies who were at the farm last year when I farm sat, so I got to know him (he was "Mac" then) fairly well. We'll have to get a recent photograph of Gryffin.

While I don't know Raven and Gryffin now as adults, I do know this family of dogs, and I am in awe of what Tammi has accomplished. Hard work, dedication, incredible teamwork, and a whole lot of love go into achievements of this sort. Way to go, guys. We're so proud of you!

Raven with her proud human, Tammi.

Oh, and Raven? Crow says she loves your attitude! Yes, they can all kiss your butt!!

With thanks to Tammi Potts for sharing Raven's journey in stories and pictures all along the way.
Raven is from the Feb 2, 2001 litter out of Otter by Cim vom Gotzweiher.


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