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Friday, May 16, 2008


I told you I had tons of catch up to do. In keeping with the post about Crow and Hudson's glorious half-sister, Raven, here's a post about generations. I visited Hawk's Hunt earlier this month. Rain, who is the daughter of Crow's litter sister, Bee, has a lovely litter of 7 (or 8, if you count Izip, one puppy with two names, depending on which way you looked at him.)

So, poor me. I spent the weekend with 7 four week old puppies (little APEs, actually, as they were extraordinarily ADVANCED, PRECOCIOUS, EXCELLENT puppies) crawling all over me. Time spent with Suzanne (who cooked a fabulous dinner, worthy of a five star restaurant!) and John is always time I look forward to. And all my wonderful GSD friends - four generations, all wonderful individuals, and all reminders and reflections of those who went before - Chili and Banni, Vali and Carson - fill me up. Visiting the barn animals, and just the farm itself, all adds up, and I was in heaven. A trip to the farm recharges me as little else does.

Perhaps the most sublime and joyful moment for me was the sweet greeting I got from Otter. Great grandmother to the pups, mother to Raven, Crow, Hudson, Bee, Grizzly, Panda, and many other extraordinary souls, Otter has always been a favorite of mine. At 13, she is in wonderful shape. Though her hearing may not be what it was, and she may have lost a step or two off her pace, she is still sound and fully aware. It took her all of half a minute to recognize me when I stepped into the entry hall, and as I put my bag down, she laid her head against my thigh and pressed into me. From Otter, I accept this as high praise indeed. The dear, old soul brings tears to my eyes.

And she is still a grand baby-sitter, and extraordinary teacher for each generation as it comes along. I love you, Otter, old friend, as much as I love your kids, who give every day of my life meaning and focus.


Blogger Connordog said...

What an extrodinary dog Otter is. That's a great picture :)

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