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Monday, May 19, 2008

Always pay attention to the strange light...

I got up early yesterday and got an early start on the (piles off) laundry, made myself a weekend breakfast, and went out back with the dogs to admire the yard work I'd done on Saturday (and well, yeah, ok - for pooper scooper duty.) It started out as a glorious morning, with bright sunlight, blue, cloudless sky, and cool temperatures. By 9:00, it was becoming a little overcast, and an e-mail from a local friend saying that she was about to go walk her dogs before it rained prompted me to do the same.

When I got back, I put the dogs out back, grabbed my garden gloves, the shovel, the bag of potting soil, and the bag of peat moss, and headed out front to plant the plants I'd bought at Wellsweep on Saturday. I got a small flat of basil, a lupine of some sort, some cat mint, and a silver edged lavender. I planted them along the front path, where I hope their fragrance will welcome me every time I come home. By the time I was done, the rain had started softly pattering down. Perfect. I told myself I'd get out the watering can later if there wasn't enough rain for the new plantings, but that turned out to be unnecessary. A soft, steady rain fell the rest of the day.

I should have gone to see my mother, which is what I do every Sunday afternoon, but after I'd showered and had lunch, I decided to lie down for a little while. You probably know how that went. I woke up 2 hours later, and the headache and accompanying grogginess convinced me to give myself a week off from visiting my mom. Sadly, she'd not know if I were there or not.

So, I spent a grey, dark day inside, puttering around the house - cleaning bird cages, rearranging my closet, dusting, putting things away. There was even time to finish reading the book at hand, and adding a few rows to a pair of socks I was knitting.

After having fed the dogs their evening meal and fixing myself a real dinner (for a change,) I sat down with my lap top, waiting for game 2 of the subway series to start at 8:00. At about 7:45, I got up to take the dogs out and settle them before the game started. An odd quality to the light had been nibbling around the edges of my attention for a little while, but it wasn't until I was out with the dogs that I looked up to see why.Out front... see the second one on the outside?

And out back.

It was worth watching it fade away and I didn't even miss the first pitch.


Blogger Robin's Reports said...

Gorgeous rainbows.

Also gorgeous dogs below, but then again, you knew that.

Can't wait to see your summer flower pics.

2:12 PM  
Blogger flyingfish3 said...

We get so many more rainbows down here than at home, but I never get sick of seeing them. There just seems to be something magical about them... Too bad photos NEVER do them justice!

3:46 PM  

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